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PhenologyMetrics generates phenology related layers relying on NDVI time series covering a vegetation growth period. The phenology metrics, which are calculated using the phenex R package, include (a) the day of the growth period, at which the greenup takes place, (b) the day of the growth period with the highest NDVI value and (c) the day of the growth period, at which senescence takes place. PhenologyMetrics is able to estimate the aforementioned metrics for multiple vegetation cycles occurring within a set period.

Relevant material/sources

Lange, M.; Doktor, D. Phenex: Auxiliary Functions for Phenological Data Analysis, R Package Version 1.4-5. Available online: (accessed on 15 June 2018).

Developed by

Name: Georgios Kordelas, Ioannis Manakos, Marios Bakratsas, Kalliroi Marini (Contact: imanakos - at -

Organization: Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) | Information Technologies Institute (ITI) (

Direct link:

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