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PhenologyChanges registers the abrupt trend changes/ breaks in the vegetation phenology cycles throughout numerous annual NDVI series, based on the iterative decomposition of the time series into trend, seasonal and remainder components, which is performed using the BFAST R package. The module calculates per pixel the total number and occurrence dates of abrupt changes that have occurred, and the date of the maximum abrupt change.

Relevant material/sources

Verbesselt, J.; Zeileis A.; Hyndman, R.: Breaks For Additive Season and Trend (BFAST), R Package Version 1.5.7. Available online:  (accessed on 15 June 2018).

Developed by

Name: Georgios Kordelas, Ioannis Manakos, Marios Bakratsas, Kalliroi Marini (Contact: imanakos - at -

Organization: Centre for Research and Technology Hella (CERTH) | Information Technologies Institute (ITI) (

Direct link: 

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