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During the first ECOPOTENTIAL training course on remote sensing and modelling applied to natural ecosystems that took place at the CNR Campus in Pisa From 19 to 23 February 2018, the ECOPOTENTIAL Virtual Laboratory was demonstrated during a dedicated session on 23rd of February to the partners and technical staff of the Protected Areas working in the project. 

This dedicated session was introduced by a presentation on GEO/GEOSS, followed by a live demo of the VLab contribution to GEOSS and the integration of the EODESM multi-modular system that allows to classify land covers according to the Food and Agricultural Organisation’s (FAO’s) Land Cover Classification System (LCCS2) taxonomy map and to assess the current state and past changes in ecosystems.

The following VLab related presentations shown during the Pisa remote sensing week (2018-02-23) event can be accessed here below:

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