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Below is a list of the currently available tools and applications supported by the WMO Hydrological Observing System (WHOS).

HydroDesktop - a free and open-source GIS-enabled desktop application that allows users to search for, download, visualize, and analyse hydrological and climate data published with CUAHSI WaterOneFlow (WOF) service and CUAHSI WaterML 1.0 data model. Users can download and install HydroDesktop from its GitHub page.

R WaterML library - a free and open-source software package allowing developers to access WHOS functionalities from R applications including Jupyter notebooks.

WCF Data Service Template plugin - allows developers to use WHOS functionalities in C# applications.

Node.js WaterML client - a JavaScript application developed by National Water Institute of Argentina (INA) that can be used through a REST API or through a web GUI. The program can be downloaded and installed on a server.


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