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USGS GWIS JavaScript API is a Javascript API for plotting time series, developed by USGS and able to connect to USGS water services and plot acquisitions from specific stations and parameters in a nice looking way.

More information can be found on USGS GWIS JavaScript API homepage.

WHOS can publish the same service interface of USGS water services (that requires in particular RDB format as the data model). Hence, time series published by WHOS can be visualized on a web page with the same look and feel as well.

The following steps go through a simple demo usage of the GWIS library with WHOS data.

GWIS library can provide nice plots to be integrated on a JavaScript application, such a web portal. Example given, the GI-portal has been modified to import GWIS JavaScript library.

Open GI-portal and perform a search. Matching metadata results should appear on the left panel. Click on a desired data set info icon to show the available links. There should be one link with protocol "GWIS" (circled in red in the following figure), click on it.

By clicking on the link, a new page will be displayed, showing a plot provided by GWIS library visualizing the last 7 day data (if available) from the specific WHOS dataset.

This page has the main aim to show compatibility of GWIS library with WHOS. Custom web portal are of course encouraged to further customize the actual interaction and look and feel.

Example of such customizations could include:

  • show one or more plots directly on the portal map
  • show multiple time series on the same plot
  • modify plot CSS to change colours and plot style

More information can be found on USGS GWIS JavaScript API homepage.

The actual GWIS packages used in the demo have small modifications with respect to the original ones provided by USGS, in particular:

  • changed service endpoint from USGS water services to WHOS service
  • commented validation of site numbers (only integers are supported by USGS water services, while WHOS identifiers are UUID)

To ease the development of a custom web portal the modified package of USGS GWIS JavaScript is here provided:

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