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wmlclient_wc is a Node.js client made by National Water Institute of Argentina - INA (Juan Bianchi, Leandro Giordano) that can be used through a REST API or through a web GUI

The program can be downloaded and installed on a server. Instructions for download, configuration and usage can be found at: wmlclient_wc GitHub page

The important note is that, depending on the desired WHOS view, different endpoints should be used in the configuration process:

Endpoint for Arctic view:

Endpoint for Plata river basin view:

The client is also made available as a web portal at National Water Institute of Argentina (INA) wmlclient In this installation the client is configured to access data only from  the WHOS Plata river basin.

Through it it is possible to achieve an interaction such as the following.

Search stations by area:

Select station to show available series:

Select series and time interval to get values:

Plot values:


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