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52North Helgoland is a web based OGC SOS client that can connect to WHOS using OGC SOS v.2.0.0 protocol.

Following this procedure you will be able to runs a 52North Helgoland client on your local machine using WHOS as a provider, on a desired view.

General resources:


Specific resources configured for Arctic view:


Specific resources  configured for La Plata river basin view:


In the following step by step guide the VIEW placeholder should be changed accordingly to the desired view.

1) Download the above helgoland.war, restful.war and Dockerfile configured to access the desired WHOS view and put them in a local folder.

2) Install Docker

3) Run the following code from the local folder to build the docker image:

docker build -f Dockerfile-VIEW . --tag helgoland-whos-VIEW

4) Run the generated image:

docker run -p 8080:8080 helgoland-whos-VIEW

5) As a result, Helgoland displaying WHOS data should be configured and available at http://localhost:8080/helgoland

A test Helgoland WHOS Plata portal can be reached at:

Clicking on Provider tab it is possible to connect to WHOS-Plata system of systems.

All the available stations from all the Plata data providers will be shown on the map. To concentrate on a specific parameter, select from the right side menu (e.g. Temperature).

Then, selecting a specific station, latest data from the station will be shown. It's also possible to browse past series values through the GUI.

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